About Us

We are a privately owned, full service company dedicated to the field of resort development and management. Our Staff members and partners, have many combined years of experience internationally across properties around the world.

Bartley A. Jackson


  • Barley A. Jackson will sit again this year as the chairman of the board for the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association, as well as the GHRA representative on the Guam Visitors Bureau board of directors. This year will mark Jackson’s eighth term as GHRA chairman. He has been elected to the GVB board of directors five times.


Our Team

Our team of professionals, consul tats, and specialists is second to none. We assemble our staff on a per project basis, so we can choose the people with the expeise, and expertise to maximize results, and work efficiently for the project at hand.

Our Team Members include experts in the following specialties:

Real Estate > full licensed and accredited

Resort Management >

Project Planning >

Hotel Staffing, and training.

Hardware, and Equipment design procurement
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125-1 Palting Way.
Telephone: 1-671- 788-7036
E-mail: bart.bgpacific@gmail.com

Rich Investment Opportunities

We are positioned for solid international investment opportunities, specializing in resort/tourism properties and projects
. Our daily goal is to continue to develop personalrelationships with investors, partners, and groups in China, Russia,

Japan, Korea, & The United States. We are open to developing relationships with all companies and organizations, with the desire and wherewithal to invest in the development and creation of properties all across our region. We look forward to networking with people world wide, who may be interested in our region. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our region and our company.