Our Mission Statement


  • To provide state of the art services in the field of resort development and management in our region and beyond. Using the most knowledgable and experienced people working as a team, focusing on the highest quality, and utilization of cutting edge technologies.

Our Resort Philosophy


We believe in the perfect marriage, and relationship between "hardware" and "Software". The hardware is the property, facilities, Equipment, Products, and maintenance of each project for the long run. The "Software" is Human Resources, the local people, service staffs, work entertainment, and attitude of truly friendly and quality service.

Our Quality Standards

1. Always strive to be a better team today than we were yesterday.

2. Set our sights high for the future of our team.

We work everyday with each of our employees to keep focused on the future, with and eye on development of new skills.

3. It's always "About the Customer Experience"

For us the customer experience is number one. Genuinely friendly, and efficient service is the key to customer satisfaction.

The future of our region

Our region has great potential.
In Micronesia there are thousands of islands with untapped potential for a future of resort properties. It boggles the mind when you start to discover the large area, diverse cultures, and undeniable potential for investment opportunities.


Modern sustainable development is "The Future"
At Red Square we know that environmentally friendly, sustainable development, building, and operation is the future. We continually stay on the cutting edge of information, technologies and companies that utilize materials, technics, and resources that leave the smallest "footprint" possible for our projects.

Rich Investment Opportunities

We are positioned for solid international investment opportunities, specializing in resort/tourism properties and projects. Our daily goal is to continue to develop personal relationships with investors, partners, and groups in China, Russia, Japan, Korea, & The United States. We are open to developing relationships with all companies and organizations, with the desire and wherewithal to invest in the development and creation of properties all across our region. We look forward to networking with people world wide, who may be interested in our region. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our region and our company.