Resort Real estate
& Development

We are fully accredited, and licenced for real estate acquirement. Our expertise is in sourcing, researching, and purchase of locations in our region for use in, development planning, construction, and long term management of resort, water park, and other tourism related properties.

Resort Management


Our expertise, and vast experience in hotel management across many years, and diversity of properties, gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to the resort, and tourism industry in our region.

Concept, Design,
& Follow through


We are a turnkey operation, and follow each project, from concept, through design, construction, and beyond to long term operational management.

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125-1 Palting Way.
Telephone: 1-671- 788-7036
E-mail: bart.bgpacific@gmail.com

Rich Investment Opportunities

We are positioned for solid international investment opportunities, specializing in resort/tourism properties and projects
. Our daily goal is to continue to develop personalrelationships with investors, partners, and groups in China, Russia,

Japan, Korea, & The United States. We are open to developing relationships with all companies and organizations, with the desire and wherewithal to invest in the development and creation of properties all across our region. We look forward to networking with people world wide, who may be interested in our region. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our region and our company.